We are a team that specialises in all things chronic illness, and post-viral illnesses. When we saw the rates of Covid-19 skyrocket, we knew we had to do something – so we created the COVID Recovery Initiative (CVDRI).

Unfortunately, Covid-19 is likely to lead to a number of health related repercussions for millions of people around the world. We’re not just talking about the Corona virus, we’re talking about the symptoms that never leave and the people that just don’t get better. 


Why is this so important?

Covid-19 itself comes with a myriad of symptoms, and everyone has put their two cents in as to what they think is happening, and what you need. But how do you know you’re getting the right advice? Who should you see and when?

Our program is designed to help you manouvere life after Covid-19 – to get you back to YOU again, and living a fulfilling life.

For the last 2 decades, we have been helping people manage their complex health conditions. And although there isn’t a whole lot of awareness in regard to the illnesses, we’ve been working hard on making invisible illnesses, visible.

We pride ourselves on integrity and always respecting the whole person to understand and better manage complex health conditions with access to a supportive, accepting and proactive community. 

As a result of Covid-19, we’re seeing thousands, even millions of people suffer the symptoms of Covid even 3-6 months down the track, and we know why, and we want to help.

Join Our Community and return to life after COVID!

The Covid Recovery Initiative Program

Daily Videos

Hosted by our experts themselves. you’ll recieve daily information tailored to your needs

Access to the CVDRI Collective

Not only do we know what you’re going through, we know you’re not alone, but you may feel that way. That’s why we have a closed FRIENDLY Facebook group to have a space to talk, ask questions, and seek guidance 

Extra Freebies

Alongside your daily content, you’ll see some freebies pop up, we’re committed to getting you back to YOU again

Action Steps

We’ve done our homework, and we’ll bring to your the latest scientific research, alongside decades of knowledge. Alongside the content, you’ll have to do some work too, don’t worry, we’ll guide the way


We’ve been doing this a long time, and we have a very broad community behind us, and we’re open to sharing that. As part of the CVDRI, we’ll be actively involved, we’ll answer your questions, and help guide you through these overwhelming times 

Money Back Guarantee

If you put in the work like we expect you to, and really commit to it, we’ll guarantee you’ll get your life back, you’ll find YOU again, maybe even new and improved

The tools in this program have been selected based on scientific evidence, research, and collaborating with some of the best specialists in the field. We know our stuff, and soon, you will too – become the Master of your own health

Take charge and take reponsibility for where you are right now, and commit to putting you and your health first. We’ve seen the nasty impact that a post-viral syndrome can have – let’s work on avoiding that at all costs.